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Infant & Toddler Program

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Our Philosophy

Alegria Childcare is based upon a philosophy of respect for the individuality of the child and his/her ability to grow, create, think, experiment, and discover.

Our Program

Designed to provide opportunities to learn through play in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive while providing a safe, fun, and loving environment for children.

Our Teachers

Appropriately qualified Infant and Toddler/Early Childhood Educators and they are required to have a current First Aid certificate, a criminal record check, and a physician's declaration of suitability in accordance with the Child Care Licensing Regulation.

Our Beliefs

We believe that a child's family is the primary teacher, and the ideal environment is one in which the child, his/her family and the teacher all work together to ensure a quality experience for the child.

Our Ethos

Alegria Childcare does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnic background.

Goals & Objectives

Offer an outstanding child-centered program in a safe, clean, and creative environment.

Create an atmosphere of trust, security and comfort.

Develop a flexible program that allows the child to work in groups or individually.

Encourage self-confidence and self-regulation.

Develop a sense of respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

Provide opportunities to expand language and communication skills.

Encourage children to express themselves through art, music, and dramatic play.

Develop a sense of community among children, staff, and families.

Encourage parents to assist in all aspects of their child's education.

Maintain an open door policy at our centre.

Promote learning through play and FUN!


What Parents Think

Our Services

The Best Childcare

We offer a quality program where children start building self control, self confidence, and sensitivity to others and the environment.

Child Care

Infant and Toddler, Multi-age Program, and 3-5 years old Program

Children LEARN through PLAY and our programs and activities are designed to follow the child's interest and curiosity. We prepare our daily activities taking into account that children learn in different ways and at their own pace.

Teachers may introduce a theme or material to encourage children to ask questions and trigger their curiosity. Once a new interest is developed, we work to help the children explore this interest in all our learning areas: math, science, dramatic play, language, art, music.

We try to include the use of natural materials as much as we can; we bring the "outside" inside our classrooms to expose children to different textures and materials and to empower them to use their imagination and creativity, where the learning process is active, natural, and fun.

Our dedicated teachers plan and evaluate our programs monthly adapting them to the needs of the children in care, using the three R's concepts: Respect, Response and Relationship.


Eating nutritious food is an important part of each Child's development. At our childcare centre, we provide a morning snack, each day that complies with the requirements of the Canada Food Guide. A weekly snack calendar will be posted in each classroom.

We encourage families to provide a nutritious lunch, such as fruits and vegetables, yogurt and sandwiches, etc. Please don't send any chocolate, candy, or pop. Just in special occasions, such as Birthdays and Holidays, we allow the children to have sugar treats.

Guidance and Discipline

Children learn self-discipline and self-control through positive guidance techniques, such as setting clear limits, redirecting, modeling and encouraging appropriate behavior.

We accept and support the children in their endeavors and help them realize their potential. We relate to all the children with warmth, sensitivity, encouragement, and love to establish a climate in which they enjoy learning. Our relationship with children is based on mutual respect, trust and care.

Our relationship with parents is as partners in the development of their child. By working together through continuous, open communication and sharing of information, we can best provide for the child's development, at home and in an early childhood setting. We encourage parents to participate in any planning and decision-making that involves their child.

Infants & Toddlers

Our program promotes positive and nurturing relationships for the children in care through respectful and responsive interactions with their caregivers.


Our program allows the interaction of children from different age groups to enjoy and learn from each other.

3-5 years old

Our program includes a preschool curriculum that contain Phonics, Music, Story Time, Arts, Science, Math, manipulative play, and Spanish language introduction.

Visit Our Childcare

If you want to tour our facilities, feel free to contact us to setup the right time for our staff to show you around and answer any questions you may have about our program.

Our Activities

Through different interest areas, we give children the opportunity to develop self-confidence, friendship skills, and lifelong learning experiences.

The following is a description of the program's interest areas:

Provides an opportunity to work together, express feelings, share ideas and use language.

Encourages imagination and individuality.

Promotes creativity by learning through play using a variety of materials.

Provides a place for children to explore and express themselves creatively.

Promotes opportunities to work on long or short term projects, individually or within a group.

Increases language development.

Provides an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of literature and other materials.

Promote listening skills and self-control.

Introduction to the Spanish language through music and songs, finger plays, and stories

Provides the opportunity to incorporate design, spatial awareness, and patterns to structure individually and in groups.

Encourages children to be experimental and offers them an opportunity to explore hands-on materials.

Provides opportunities of discovery and enjoyment through cause and effect.

Promotes large muscle development.

Allows the child to explore his/her environment in a less confined manner.

Promote appreciation and importance of the outdoor environment for a healthy lifestyle.

Promote small muscle coordination using various shapes, sizes, and textures.

Encourage children to explore math, colors, and spatial concepts, letters, words, sounds.

Introduce cooperative and social activities.

Our Daily Routine

This is an example of how we plan our day:

We are flexible and adaptable with our schedule to accommodate the needs of children.

Time Activity
7:45 to 9:30 Centre opens, setup activities, greeting families.
Breakfast (if children need it).
Free play, art, music, books, manipulative toys.
9:30 to 9:50 Clean up, wash hands, morning snack.
9:50 to 10:10 Circle Time (Music, stories, finger plays, movement).
10:10 to 10:20 Transition for outside play (dress properly).
10:20 to 11:20 Walks in the neighbourhood.
Playground activities.
11:20 to 12:30 Quiet activities.
Lunch, washrooms, clean up.
12:30 to 2:45 Nap time, quiet activities (Books, Puzzles, Play dough).
2:45 to 3:15 Diapering.
Free play, puzzles, stories, and music.
3:15 to 3:45 Clean up and snack time.
3:45 to 4:00 Afternoon circle / games.
4:00 to 5:00 Play outside (weather permitting).
If we are inside, Open end art, manipulative toys, puzzles.
5:00 to 5:15 Clean up / Get ready to go / Centre Closes.
Time Activity
7:45 to 9:30 Centre opens, setup activities, greeting families.
Breakfast (if child needs it).
Free play, art, music, books, manipulative toys, math, science.
9:30 to 9:50 Clean up, wash hands, morning snack.
9:50 to 10:30 Circle Time (Music, stories, finger plays, movement).
10:30 to 10:45 Transition for outside play (dress properly).
10:45 to 11:50 Walks in the neighbourhood.
Playground activities.
11:50 to 12:45 Lunch, washrooms, clean up.
12:45 to 2:50 Nap time, quiet activities (Books, Puzzles, Play dough).
Pre-academic activities (Children to get ready for kindergarten).
2:50 to 3:30 Free play, math, puzzles, science, stories, and music.
3:30 to 3:45 Clean up and snack time.
3:45 to 4:00 Afternoon circle / games.
4:00 to 5:00 Play outside (weather permitting).
If we are inside, Open end art, manipulative toys, puzzles.
5:00 to 5:15 Clean up / Get ready to go / Centre Closes.

Get more Information

If you have any comments or questions please feel free at any time to contact one of the teachers or send us a message online.

About us

About The Centre

Alegria Childcare is fully licensed by the provincial government and is staffed by professional Infant and Toddler and Early Childhood Educators. Our center is licensed for 38 children and we serve children from 11 months to 5 years old in three separate programs; Infant and Toddler, 3-5 years old and a Multi age programs.

We have been part of the community since 2012, and our Teachers have been in the childcare field for many years, bringing their experience and passion to our programs.

Our centre is a play-based program, built around the belief that children learn naturally through play. We offer a diverse and exciting program with many stimulating activities in an environment that has a variety of learning centers and opportunities for free play. We bring to our rooms natural materials to expose children to different textures, encourage them to use their imagination and creativity.

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We are located just a short 5-minute drive from the West Coast Express station in Port Coquitlam.



Call us +1 604.475.7727

We are located at
3433 Coast Meridian Road,
Port Coquitlam V3B 3N7

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